Series PX/PPC

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Mã sản phẩm: PX4050
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Developed for feeding systems of poultry farms, PX/PPC series are preferred thanks to their silent and trouble-free operations and lightweight structures.

  • Single-stage helical gear units with parallel axis input and output.
  • A rigid structure in case.
  • May be shaft-fitted.
  • System resistance calculations are made in accordance with ISO, DIN and NIEMANN standards.
  • Gear units have PAM input options.
  • Cases are manufactured from ADC-12 aluminum injections.
  • Different flange measurements may be provided in B5 mountings.
  • Gears are made of cast and 21NiCrMo2 case-hardening steel.
  • High-quality bearing and sealing components are used.
  • Special requests of the customers may be considered.


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