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The use of cycloid series gear units in the power transmission field meets the demands for compactness, high gearing, small size and product reliability.

The most important feature of the PCD series, which has a different design from traditional gearboxes, is that the drive elements transmit the movement by rolling over each other, instead of the friction movement of the gears with each other as in normal gears.

  • Units with parallel axis input and output.
  • Connected with feet, body options
  • The case has a rigid structure and is suitable for heat transfer.
  • It is offered with a solid shaft.
  • System strength calculations are made in accordance with DIN, ISO and NIEMANN standards.
  • Different input options can be offered (Motor coupled, PAM, W, C-face).
  • Discs are made of 100 Cr6, bodies are made of GG25 material.
  • There are different mounting positions; horizontal and vertical
  • Single stage up to case 612 are lubricated with grease and bodies between 613 and 620 are lubricated with oil bath,
  • Double stage 607/07…618/10 bodies are lubricated with grease and 616/11…627/19 bodies
  • are lubricated by oil bathing.
  • Special requests of the customers may be considered.


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