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MODEL T55 – The new model T55 builds on our years of engineering experience with hydraulic pump drive for tractor PTO. The T55 was developed for use where a pump drive larger than our T33 is required. Using similar design as our popular T33 the pump drive is a directly driven hydraulic pump speed increaser for 1000 RPM tractor PTO shafts.
The T55 Model is built with a 1 3/8” 21T spline hollow shaft. Internally, oil direction vanes are fitted for improved bearing lubrication. There are external fins in the lower section for additional cooling. Shafts are splined internally for full length for through drive. Normal practice is to utilise a torque arm to restrain the drive from rotation.

Maximum power is 75kW (100HP) at 1000 RPM input. The T55 is available to accept most SAE “B”, SAE “C” or SAE “D” hydraulic pumps. Pump adaptors on the T55 may be changed in the field.



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