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PGR Drive Technologies provide solutions in planet gear units with PTO, IEC, parallel shaft input options which offer high reduction ratio in small volumes in drive systems with heavy and variable loads thanks to their compact and modular structure up to 850000 Nm of moment values.

  • Gear units with coaxial input and output or 90° axis angle.
  • Casing with feet, flange F options.
  • A rigid and modular structure in case.
  • Compared to other gear units, higher moment values can be met with smaller body sizes.
  • System resistance calculations are made in accordance with ISO, DIN and NIEMANN standards.
  • Different input options may be provided (IEC, Hydraulic Motor mounted, Servo motor mounted, ...).
  • Different output options available (Hollow shaft, Shrink disc, DIN form splined,...)
  • Cases are manufactured from cast iron (GGG 50-60).
  • Gears are made of cast and 21NiCrMo2 case-hardening steel.
  • High-quality bearing and sealing components are used.
  • Special requests of the customers may be considered.


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