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PGR Drive Technologies provide solutions with PEX series extruder systems with high axial and radial forces thanks to their rigid, strong case and wide reduction ratios.

  • PEX series are designed for extruders with single and twin screws.
  • They are available in 12 different case sizes with 2 or 3 stages.
  • 8-30 reduction ratio in 2 stages
  • 10-50 reduction ratio in 3 stages.
  • Since input and output shafts have long distance, electric motor and drum can be easily mounted.
  • Cases are manufactured from cast iron (GGG 50-60).
  • Gears are made of cast and 21NiCrMo2 case-hardening steel.
  • E series “294” bearings are used for axial load of extruder screw.
  • High-quality bearing and sealing components are used.
  • Special requests of the customers may be considered.


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